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Welcome To Fresh Sushi Limited

who we are

Fresh Sushi brings you delicious healthy sushi, using fresh local produce, and authentic Japanese ingredients where possible.

We came out of a need for good sushi on the Isle of Man. Supermarket versions made us want to recreate the joy of Yo, Itsu and other independent brands, with a few little flavour twists of our own.

There's so much good, fresh local produce, and access to international foodstuffs here, that after some intensive training with very experienced Japanese chefs, it felt like a great idea.

We know now, that we're not alone in that plan, but hope we can build our own fan base with our quirky hand-rolled creations.
Mindful of our impact on the environment, we were the first company on the island to use only Vegware plant-based PLA packaging where possible, which is fully compostable. We use unbleached napkins, provide wooden chopsticks, and are looking for more ways to improve our ethical standards, so are open to ideas.

We are a registered food business, delivering pre-ordered sushi daily in the Douglas area, but are willing to deliver elsewhere on the island, for an additional delivery charge, depending on order size and distance, and are available for corporate and small event catering.
Please call or message us on this page by 6pm the previous working day, to order your selections.

If you have allergies, please let us know, -otherwise the boxes are clearly labelled. If you don't like mayonnaise or sesame seeds, your rolls can be modified accordingly. No problem! Hope you enjoy our sushi, and please let us know what you think!
01624 620725